Wednesday, June 22, 2011

King Arthur Flour Giveaway at our Summer Festival Tour Concerts!

We're treating you like royalty this summer with eight chances to win a gift pack from King Arthur Flour, only instead of a sceptre, this giveaway prize will inspire you to grab the nearest wire whisk! The iconic Vermont brand has donated a prize valued at $75 to be given away at seven of our eight summer festival tour concerts (not July 10). Visit our website for a complete schedule of concerts. Cut to the chase and visit the Flynn Regional Box Office to buy tickets.

Each prize includes a King Arthur Flour tote bag, an apron, a huge cookbook, a plastic bowl scraper embossed with the King Arthur Flour logo, 2 boxes of King Arthur Flour scone mix, and a VSO t-shirt and sticker.

Only concert attendees will be allowed to enter this giveaway. An entry form will be located inside your program book at the concert. We hope to see you at our 2011 TD Bank Summer Festival Tour!