Friday, August 14, 2009

SymphonyKids Spotlight: Musical Petting Zoo

The VSO's SymphonyKids Educational Outreach Programs are varied. We present concerts in theatres for schoolchildren, organize in-school assembly visits, stage behind-the-scenes experiences for older students, and then there's my program, the Musical Petting Zoo. Yes, me, Rebecca Kopycinski, the keeper of this blog, the Technical Director of the Summer Festival Tour this summer (and many before), Ensemble Coordinator (need a quartet for a wedding?), concert program guide ad salesperson, and Zookeeper for the VSO's Musical Petting Zoo. I like to think I hold the most varied job description in the VSO office. The Zoo is different from our other SymphonyKids offerings in that it is a hands-on experience. With the help of a sterilizing agent and parent volunteers ("handlers"), every student in attendance is given the opportunity to hammer away on the snare drum and other percussion, exercise their lungs with three brass instruments, pluck the strings of a harp, toot the flute, and flex their muscles on the violin and cello. Keep reading to watch a video about the Musical Petting Zoo and our other SymphonyKids offerings.

To book the Musical Petting Zoo at your school (or your child's school, please e-mail Rebecca. You can find more information about the Musical Petting Zoo on our website.