Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Team VSO" tour hits a homerun

The VSO recently toured the state with one of its orchestral youth concert programs, "Team VSO." We visited five magnet locations across the state in Newport, Swanton, Barre, Rutland, and Manchester, delighting and inspiring schoolchildren in grades K-8. Watch the video below of Champ in action, shot by the Rutland Herald.

And a testimonial:

As a 6th grade teacher from Barre Town, I would like to express my thinks to those who arranged and came to give a presentation last week to our students at the Barre Opera House. As you can see by the following student comments, they were most impressed by the bassoon player:

"Dear VSO, I really liked all the music. You guys are very talented! I have never seen a bassoon before, and it was very interesting. Champ was very funny and cool. Thanks for coming to the Barre Opera House."

"Thank you very much. The VSO was fun. The bassoon ROCKED! GO CHAMP!"

"I enjoyed the part when the guy played the bassoon. I had never heard nor seen that instrument before. It was a great and exciting experience."

"I liked the song about Champ in Lake Champlain. I also like the Bethoven song."

"Thank you so much for everything. The bassoon was awesome and the songs were amazing."

"I liked when the 16 year old boy was playing the bassoon because it look really cool. I liked the violins, too. Thanks, Mr. White (Barre Town Music Instructor)."

"My favorite part was when Champ came out. I was so close to getting a T-shirt, but it hit the wall as I went forward. Thanks tons for the music."

"I really liked the music you did for us. I especially enjoyed the solos some people did. The Bethoven piece and Champ were cool!"

Thank you again,
Ms. Cassie Major, 6th grade teacher Barre Town Middle and Elementary School"